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We are specialized in the pharmaceutical, biotechnological and chemical field.

Our firm has focused on pharma/bio/chemical IP cases ever since its establishment in February 2006. As inventions of this field encompass complicated technical concepts and various cutting-edge technologies, only specialists in this field could understand such complex inventions and represent the same before the Korean Intellectual Property Office (KIPO) and the Patent Court. Dr. Soyoung Ahn, the Senior Partner of our firm, has worked as a researcher and an examiner at the KIPO after receiving her Ph.D. in Pharmacy, and all of our member patent attorneys majored in this field, as well. A thorough understanding of the technology provides the basis of our high-quality IP services. This is the reason why leading domestic pharmaceutical companies, universities and research institutes visit our firm continuously.

We are proud of the best success rate in patent trials and litigations in Korea.

Patent trials and litigations are the highest arena of expertise where extensive technical and legal knowledge and accumulated litigation experience are essential. Our firm won every case relating to the patent trials and litigations against the global blockbuster drugs including Baraclude, Gleevec, Taxotel, Zanedip, Evista, Lipitor, Plavix, Norvasc, Eloxatin, EPO and G-CSF. These cases enabled us to play an important part in the development of domestic pharmaceutical and biotechnological industries and in the establishment of landmark patent precedents. Our litigation know-how learned through these patent lawsuits also serves as a foundation for our success in future case.

We provide professional consulting in every stage of IP management.

Our firm provides patent strategy for every stage of IP management, from the R&D planning stage to the patent acquisition and enforcement stage. Some examples of such strategies include technology trend analysis through patent mapping, design around, patent portfolio establishment, review of freedom-to-operate, and monitoring of patents covering competitor’s product. Especially for patents relating to approved drugs, we provide professional services under the Drug Approval-Patent Linkage System, such as patent listing, notification of marketing approval application and various trials/litigations pertaining to listed patents. Through these services, we help our client’s R&D results to be protected by patents and to create economic value.